Keeping New Students From Instructing Others Helps Martial Arts Schools Avoid Civil Liabilities

A segment of new students enrolling in martial arts classes may have a tendency to be a tad overly-enthusiastic. Often, out of self-esteem issues or social awkwardness, a beginner student may try to assert themself through instructing other new members. School owners should never overlook this particular type of inappropriate behavior. In addition to the rudeness factor of usurping the Read More

Elder Exploitation: It Isn’t A Crime To Accept A Gift (But You Could Be Accused Anyhow)

There’s a growing awareness of problems with elder abuse — but there’s also a growing problem with people being falsely accused of elder abuse when they’ve done nothing wrong. What happens when you’ve been given a financial power of attorney over the affairs of an older friend or relative, done what you were supposed to do, and find yourself accused Read More