Three Social Security Disability Programs That Could Lead To A Speedy Approval

Any medical condition that prevents you from working at your job is distressing enough, and applying for and receiving help from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be a lengthy and frustrating process. For those with very serious illnesses, however, there are programs in place to help ease the wait time and some of the paperwork. Read on to find out if you can meet the qualifications for an expedited filing of your disability claim.

Compassionate Allowances

The SSA maintains a list of illnesses that range from many types of cancer to Parkinson's Disease. Having an illness on the list means that the SSA will approve your claim without requiring the usual volume of proof, but you should be aware that having complete medical records will help your claim go through even quicker. It should also be noted that using the Compassionate Allowance list will get you faster processing, but the normal 5 month waiting period is not waived for these types of applications.

Quick Disability Determination (QDD)

This SSA program uses a points system to target certain conditions and situations that can fast-track your application. A computer algorithm is set to automatically flag cases where the application is expected to be approved, using historical data of approvals in similar cases. As with all claims, complete medical records are vital for a quick and trouble-free approval.

Terminal Illnesses Program (TERI)

For those with certain conditions, the TERI program offers another avenue toward quick approval. This program targets those with diseases that can be expected to lead to death. People who are receiving end-of-life care, such as those in hospice programs, those with AIDS, and those with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) will automatically quality for the the TERI program.

Keep in Mind

Proof for these conditions will still be required, so make sure that the documentation from the doctor includes the correct condition. It is not necessary to indicate that conditions are terminal, however, and the term "terminal" will never appear on any SSA paperwork. These programs are all set up to automatically identify participants by the qualifying condition and criteria.

It's important to apply as soon as possible so that the SSA can get started on your claim, especially for those with diseases that meet the criteria. You can help relieve some of the burden for this process by hiring a Social Security disability attorney who is familiar with these special programs to assist you in getting your claim approved quickly and efficiently.