Address A Situation That Involves You Being Arrested For Vandalism

Sometimes, being at the wrong place at an inopportune time can wind you up in a heap of hot water. If your so-called 'friends' suggested that you partake in a vandalism act that involved spray painting obscene words and pictures across the windows of an abandoned train station, even if you did not actively take part in the vandalism, being arrested as a result could leave you feeling as if you are fending for your life and are going to face serious repercussions.

Obtain Legal Aid And Be Clear About The Situation At Hand

Don't minimize your fear or think that you can talk your way out of the predicament that you are involved in because innocent people or people who were merely an extension of a crime are wrongfully charged on occasion, and you could wind up in the same type of situation. If you value your good standing in society and your reputation, you need to take this matter seriously and confide in a criminal attorney soon after you are released from jail.

You are probably facing some hefty restitution fines and could even be looking at a lengthy jail stint, but your attorney will be able to wade their way through the troubled waters that you have encountered and find the best possible outcome for your personal situation. Don't hold back when it comes to explaining the scenario that took place and your active or inactive part in it.

The last thing you need is for an important detail to come up after you have laid your situation out in front of your attorney. If your attorney doesn't know all of the details associated with the vandalism, your omittance could greatly hurt your chances of being deemed not guilty or being handed a less harsh fine or sentence.

Be Willing To Comply

As part of your punishment, it may be requested that you remove the painted words and pictures and clean the train station that was vandalized. By agreeing to take part in the revitalization phase, you are not admitting your guilt.

Instead, you are demonstrating that you are a person who cares about the property of others and your willingness to make things right. Of course, this may not be part of your punishment, but just be aware in case it is presented to you. Also, if your lawyer does not have enough concrete evidence to prove your innocence, you may be offered a plea deal.

A plea deal usually requires an admission of guilt, but the punishment that you accept will be on a lesser scale than it would be if you were found guilty of the original charge. If your lawyer thinks that accepting the plea deal will be your best bet and will minimize your fine or jail time, then consider accepting it so that you can rectify the situation quickly and put the criminal charge to rest after you have satisfied your end of the bargain.

For more information, contact your local criminal law attorney today.