3 Things That Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

There are few things worse than getting into a car accident – especially when someone else caused it. After the accident, it may be that you have to sue the person responsible for it. If that happens, there are some things that can affect your case. Here are three things that do just that. 1. You are found to share fault for the accident. One of the biggest things that can hurt your personal injury case is if you are found to share any of the fault for the accident. [Read More]

What Are Your Legal Options For Noisy Neighbors?

The first step towards finding out whether legal options exist is to find out what the county and city ordinances on noise levels are in your area. You can go to the local offices and ask someone there or stop by the police station and inquire there. Your neighbor may or may not be doing anything wrong according to those ordinances.   Possible Time Limitations In most areas, specific times of the day are supposed to be quiet but can vary. [Read More]

Getting Divorced? Understand The Different Child Custody Arrangements

A divorce may be messy and complicated, especially when there is a child involved. Child custody can easily be the biggest issue that divorcing couples have, and it will be settled before the divorce is finalized. A lawyer will help fight for you to help ensure you receive the custody arrangement you desire, but it's important to understand what the potential arrangements can be. Legal Custody A parent that has legal custody of a child will be the one that makes the important decisions concerning their upbringing. [Read More]

How Do You Handle The Situation When You Suspect An Employee Of Abusing Sick Leave?

What happens if you're suspicious that an employee is abusing his or her sick leave? What right do you have, as an employer, to demand a doctor's note? The problem isn't that uncommon. Frankly, about 30% of your employees are probably lying when they call in sick. Some of them are just sick of work and don't feel like coming. Others just don't want to brave the weather on bad days. [Read More]