2 Factors That Affect The Way Courts View Alibi Witnesses

One of the best ways to prove you did not commit the crime you are being charged with is with the assistance of an alibi. An alibi witness is a person that can attest to your whereabouts on a certain date and time, but the testimony of an alibi witness does not always help a criminal case. Here are two important factors that can make your alibi witness help or hinder your criminal charges. [Read More]

Two Reasons Why You Should Hire An Accident Attorney After A Wreck

If you've recently been involved in a car accident, it can be very tempting to believe you can handle it on your own.  This is especially true if it was determined that the accident was not your fault since the at-fault party's insurance company is likely breathing down your neck in attempts to get you to settle as soon as possible.  However, before you sign your name on the settlement documents, it may be worth your while to hire an attorney. [Read More]

Elder Exploitation: It Isn't A Crime To Accept A Gift (But You Could Be Accused Anyhow)

There's a growing awareness of problems with elder abuse -- but there's also a growing problem with people being falsely accused of elder abuse when they've done nothing wrong. What happens when you've been given a financial power of attorney over the affairs of an older friend or relative, done what you were supposed to do, and find yourself accused by some other member of the family of manipulating the elder for your own financial gain? [Read More]

3 Things That Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

There are few things worse than getting into a car accident – especially when someone else caused it. After the accident, it may be that you have to sue the person responsible for it. If that happens, there are some things that can affect your case. Here are three things that do just that. 1. You are found to share fault for the accident. One of the biggest things that can hurt your personal injury case is if you are found to share any of the fault for the accident. [Read More]