On-The-Job Electrocutions Are More Common Than You Might Think

When most people think of work injuries, they likely think of falls or cuts, but electrocution is one of the most serious injuries in the world of construction. Understanding these types of injuries, and how much to expect in a civil suit, can guide your compensation case. Injuries Caused By Electrocution It may surprise you to know that electrocution is one of the "Fatal Four" injury types in the construction world. [Read More]

Keeping New Students From Instructing Others Helps Martial Arts Schools Avoid Civil Liabilities

A segment of new students enrolling in martial arts classes may have a tendency to be a tad overly-enthusiastic. Often, out of self-esteem issues or social awkwardness, a beginner student may try to assert themself through instructing other new members. School owners should never overlook this particular type of inappropriate behavior. In addition to the rudeness factor of usurping the authority of the owner, the out-of-line student could open doors to civil personal liability claims. [Read More]

Can Bankruptcy Eliminate Student Loan Debt?

Struggling to pay student loans is a very common issue today, and many people are looking for ways to get out of repaying this debt. While it is not easy to find a method that works for this, there is a chance you might be able to use bankruptcy to help you with this. Before you choose to do this, you should meet with a bankruptcy lawyer to find out which branch to use and if it will actually help you find relief from the thousands of dollars you owe for your student loans. [Read More]

The Steps For Obtaining A Patent For Your Technology Firm's New Hardware Invention

If your small technology firm has invented a new hardware product that you want to secure a patent for, then you need to understand how the process of obtaining one works. While you will ultimately need to enlist the help of a business law attorney to assist with the process, it is vital that you have a basic understanding of the process before you meet with your attorney for the first time. [Read More]