When Do You Need To Amend A Will?

The term of your will dictates a number of things, including how issues might be addressed if you become incapacitated. Folks in the estate planning services industry encourage clients to be mindful of life changes in order to see that their wishes will be followed. When one of these 5 changes happens, you may want to get in touch with a will and estate planning attorney. Love and Marriage A spouse is the first person the courts will look to for input on disposing of your estate, managing your wealth or addressing medical and end-of-life care questions. [Read More]

Social Media: 3 Ways It Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim And 3 Ways To Protect Yourself

Social media is often used on a daily basis by people to connect with others across the world and to inform others of what is going on in their day-to-day lives, such as new relationships, recent breakups, and even recent auto accidents. Unfortunately, if you are pursuing a legal claim against another party, anything that you post online can potentially be used against you. Therefore, it is crucial that you be familiar with how social media can negatively impact your personal injury claim and how you can protect yourself. [Read More]

Address A Situation That Involves You Being Arrested For Vandalism

Sometimes, being at the wrong place at an inopportune time can wind you up in a heap of hot water. If your so-called 'friends' suggested that you partake in a vandalism act that involved spray painting obscene words and pictures across the windows of an abandoned train station, even if you did not actively take part in the vandalism, being arrested as a result could leave you feeling as if you are fending for your life and are going to face serious repercussions. [Read More]

Ways To Avoid A DUI (Or Related Arrest) After A Football Tailgate Party

If you're an avid football fan, you likely have some tailgating get-togethers scheduled for this fall. If you plan to consume alcohol during any tailgate party, your best bet is to take public transportation or arrange a designated driver. However, there are many football fans who consume alcohol and choose to drive — and this behavior can justifiably lead to a DUI arrest from the police who will be patrolling the area around the stadium during and after the game. [Read More]