Getting Divorced? Understand The Different Child Custody Arrangements

A divorce may be messy and complicated, especially when there is a child involved. Child custody can easily be the biggest issue that divorcing couples have, and it will be settled before the divorce is finalized. A lawyer will help fight for you to help ensure you receive the custody arrangement you desire, but it's important to understand what the potential arrangements can be. Legal Custody A parent that has legal custody of a child will be the one that makes the important decisions concerning their upbringing. [Read More]

How Do You Handle The Situation When You Suspect An Employee Of Abusing Sick Leave?

What happens if you're suspicious that an employee is abusing his or her sick leave? What right do you have, as an employer, to demand a doctor's note? The problem isn't that uncommon. Frankly, about 30% of your employees are probably lying when they call in sick. Some of them are just sick of work and don't feel like coming. Others just don't want to brave the weather on bad days. [Read More]

What Are The Rights Of A Birth Father Regarding His Child's Adoption

When a new mother is considering putting her baby up for adoption, it is sometimes believed that she can make this decision all alone. However, this is not the case. If the father of the child wants to take part in making decisions for the child, he also has this right. Even if the father is unaware that the child exists, under family law, he still has these rights once he has been notified. [Read More]

Four Things To Do After A Car Accident

Handling the stress of a car accident is made even more difficult if you suffer injuries. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with the insurance adjusters. Adjusters often try to settle claims quickly and for as little as possible. The problem with accepting the adjuster's first offer is that it can sometimes take weeks, if not months, before the full extent of your recovery from any injuries is known. [Read More]