The Steps For Obtaining A Patent For Your Technology Firm's New Hardware Invention

If your small technology firm has invented a new hardware product that you want to secure a patent for, then you need to understand how the process of obtaining one works. While you will ultimately need to enlist the help of a business law attorney to assist with the process, it is vital that you have a basic understanding of the process before you meet with your attorney for the first time. [Read More]

2 Factors That Affect The Way Courts View Alibi Witnesses

One of the best ways to prove you did not commit the crime you are being charged with is with the assistance of an alibi. An alibi witness is a person that can attest to your whereabouts on a certain date and time, but the testimony of an alibi witness does not always help a criminal case. Here are two important factors that can make your alibi witness help or hinder your criminal charges. [Read More]