How Divorce Can Affect Your Finances Negatively

The financial effects of divorce are wide and varied; for example, your divorce: Is Likely to Affect Your Credit Score Getting a divorce isn't guaranteed to damage your credit score, but it can happen if you are not careful. Here are some of the ways in which a divorce can damage your credit score: Your credit rating may fall if your former partner doesn't pay their share of joint debts. [Read More]

How Depression Becomes A Disability And Why It Qualifies For Benefits

Depression affects about one in every four adults, or twenty-six percent, in the U.S. alone. Many adults find that their depression is so debilitating that they cannot get out of bed. They stop taking care of others, and then they stop taking care of themselves. Their homes become filthy and almost uninhabitable. If you experience depression this deep, or deep enough to attempt suicide, your depression is considered a disability under most disability benefit laws. [Read More]

Three Valuable Services an Attorney Can Provide

There are many ways that a person may benefit from professional legal advice and guidance. However, some people are unsure of what types of services a general attorney provides. After you learn more about this, you will be more informed. Here are three areas an attorney can likely help you with, should you need it. Personal Injury Claims Being injured in an accident can be a serious problem. Your injuries may demand expensive medical treatments, and you may also lose wages and experience quality of life issues. [Read More]